4 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer at Polo Glen


School is finally out which gives your children almost three months of freedom and fun. This also gives you almost three months of hearing "I'm bored." The key to having a great summer vacation is to keep your children busy. We have put together a few ideas to keep your children busy right here in our Rockledge apartments. Start a Garden: You do not … [Read more...]

Helping Hands: 3 Summer Volunteer Opportunities in Rockledge


Are you looking for something active and fulfilling to do this summer? Consider volunteering in Rockledge, as there are several organizations that could really use your help. This is a great way to help out someone in need while still keeping busy. The following volunteer opportunities provide you with hands-on work while remaining close to our Polo Glen … [Read more...]

Host a Gathering at Polo Glen With Sophisticated S’mores


It is always fun to host a summer gathering or party in our apartments in Rockledge at Polo Glen. We offer a range of amenities to make your gathering run smoothly, from the spacious interior to the fully functional kitchen. Here are a few of the interior amenities we offer, followed by a delicious recipe for sophisticated s'mores. Our kitchens have … [Read more...]

Exploring Summer Outdoors: Common Wildflowers in Florida

florida wildflower

One of the greatest things about summer is being able to head outdoors. You can really enjoy a lot of wonderful things when you head out to explore nature. If you haven't noticed there are a lot of beautiful wildflowers in Florida that you can admire and identify. Explore the outdoors this summer by checking out all the common wildflowers in … [Read more...]

Low-Impact Cardio: Fitness at the Polo Glen Pool

pool exercises

The Polo Glen pool can be an excellent place to have some summertime fun, but it is also useful as a place to exercise. Although most of us are used to exercising on land, aquatic exercises can both produce better results and make exercising that much easier. Here are some examples of pool exercises that can be performed in our Rockledge apartments' … [Read more...]